This is an article for all the brides out there who hire a professional to capture their day. Watch this video and think about having an un-plugged wedding. Everyone should enjoy your day and allow the person you hired to photograph or video your wedding do their job! I'm not looking out for me on this one. I'm really looking out for you. Brides, beware of this guy at your wedding...

Let your officiant know if you are having an un-plugged wedding and they can be the barer of "bad news." I've seen too many phones at weddings lately. Just as you are soaking up the moments so should your guests!

Want a hashtag? I love it. Just save the Instagrams for the reception! Have a table with your # displayed and let people know to have fun, and take photos. Just maybe wait until after the ceremony.

Want to know the best thing about having an unplugged wedding? Sharing the picture YOU want to share! We give you all of your files to download and share as well as a link for family and friends to order the pictures they want! Win. Win. (if your asking me...)