Get the best wedding portraits possible.

When I sit down with a bride I like to first talk to her about what kind of experience she wants to have that day. Your wedding only happens once, and I as a photographer want to help you have the happiest day of your life as I capture those moments.

My one of the first things that a bride often mentions is “the first look”. 

The first look is one of my favorite things to do with the bride and groom. Here are some reasons that I suggest you do one too! 

1. An experience you will never forget:

This moment it allows you to connect with each other before the ceremony. It relieves the pressure that’s been building to this moment and gives you more time with each other! Your wedding is about you! And the first looks allows the two of you to privately be with each other before you say “I DO.” Here was my first look experience with my dad. I love when a bride or groom decide they also want a first look with their parents. I will never forget this moment and have these photos to look back on and treasure forever.

Photo taken by the beautiful Laura Benitz

Photo taken by the beautiful Laura Benitz


2. It relieves a ton of stress and anxiety:

When you get to fully experience your groom for the first time it's not just for photos but it allows you to have a moment to yourself without everyone else demanding your attention. The anxiety and stress you have been feeling from a crazy day of getting ready will be dissolved after he finally sees you! It gets the stress and jitters all washed away before the ceremony. Not to mention he won't be afraid to cry when he sees you for the first time, because he won't be standing in front of a crowd. P.S. I’ve found, he will likely react the same when you walk down the aisle no matter what! This allows to to take the ceremony all in stress free.

3. Portraits can be quick and as easy as possible:

Allowing you to get to your reception and just enjoy the rest of the evening after the ceremony. Allow yourself to treat your guests (especially if this is a destination wedding)  by spending time with them, and eating with you, right after family portraits. Nobody likes to make their guests wait! I get it.

Some other things to think about: 

SUNSET! Ask me about sunset on your wedding day and how that may affect your portrait time. Especially if it's an outdoor ceremony.  We will schedule enough time to get all the portraits you want. Especially if your expecting a lot of family formals. Don't forget to tell your family members who is expected to be in portraits and where to go after the ceremony. This is best done by letting the minister know to make an announcement. Trying to rally a hundred relatives after your vows can be crazy!

Also, give yourself plenty of time to get ready! It ALWAYS takes longer to get ready than you think it might. This goes for the groom too! Think about travel time between where you will be getting ready, and your ceremony location. Or where you want portraits done? We will need to add this and some cushion to your timeline!

WE love our Komorebi Brides and look out for their best interest and experience on their wedding day. As your photographer I sit down with every bride and help her set up a timeline of events of the day to make it run smoothly without the pressure of running out of time for photos or cutting into the fun of your day.

Use these tips to help you get the best experience on your wedding day with us!