Komorebi Photography goes to Oakley, Kansas!! Check out more videos by Komorebi Photography by checking out Jessica's Vimeo!


Why video? You’re a photographer, right?

Video is another way for me to be creative, it gives me another opportunity to capture the adventure that is your wedding day! Shooting video is hard work! I love the constant challenge and unique way video can tell your story. Some photographers get stuck in a routine, with poses and rituals to capture each wedding the same as the last. Doing video keeps me on my toes constantly thinking and creating in new and creative ways.

Each wedding day is a unique and beautiful adventure. No two weddings will ever be the same, and we strive to capture your wedding as unique as you!

When my husband and I got married we had an amazing experience with our photographer, but always felt we were lacking a great video to remember our day another way. We want to give our brides the opportunity for great video without searching for another vendor. You already have enough on your plate. Let us do the capturing for you!

If you haven't even thought about doing a video from your day, consider it! I promise it’s a decision you won’t regret.

We really love the challenge and creativity juices that flow when we combine a day of film & stills.  (That's right we can do both!) Inquire now for more information!