A little about Spring Mini’s and why we love them!

It’s just barely showing signs of spring, one day it’s cold and the next you're grabbing your coat once again!

I don’t know about you but at this point I’m done with Winter! By the time the frost thaws and the flowers really show off we will be deep into capturing Spring Sessions! WE LOVE to offer these to our couples and growing families year after year! Read on to find out more about our min sessions or book yours before they are gone!

Spring Mini Sessions are perfect little quick sessions for you and your family to capture the little moments in between big life events like birthdays, new babies and family reunions! Mini Sessions are 15-20 min long. We book sessions back to back on selected days or weekends each spring!


You get a minimum of 20 edited images from your session delivered to you within 10 days via an online album where you can download your images, share them on social media and order prints and products from your favorite images!


What do I wear?

Pastel colors with light jackets, jeans and fun accessories that have been sleeping in your closet all winter! Although we always love neutrals, it’s ok if you want to break out some color for this session! Rock your pink tulle and do a little dance. We would love that!


Who are they for?

Spring mini’s are perfect for families with little one’s who often wouldn’t make it through a full session anyway!

But, they are also for the couple who just got a new puppy!

(Hey guys this is for you) They are a great option for an anniversary session or gift idea for Mother’s day. If you don’t like giving flowers try photos! They last forever!!

I would even recommend them for headshots. (You know we all need to update our linkedin profiles!)


Gifting mini sessions are my favorites!

Not to mention updating that family photo! Your kids have grown, you have a new hair cut or your adding more members to your family and want to capture your family of 3 one last time! Gift a session to a friend or family member and really make their whole spring. They might even ask you to tag along!

Book a session or buy a gift card for your family to use at anytime!


What’s the catch?

No catch, they are just short and sweet versions of a regular session. We like to call them Ever After Sessions.

Regular “Ever After Sessions” have the flexibility and freedom to choose any date that works best for you and customize the location and look of the session for your needs! You have more time for an outfit change or a move around to give you options in your location “looks” Read more about our Ever After Sessions HERE

P.S. If you are a former Komorebi Bride you get 10% off your ever after sessions for life!

However, mini sessions are so fun because you don’t have to put any thought into the look or location, you leave that all up to me! We choose a great location and capture amazing images! Trust us, we have been choosing locations for years now and always find the best and often hidden gem spots for minis. All of your images will have the same look and feel. We make these sessions fun quick. And if you love your session in that location, you can request it for an Ever After Session in the future!


Do you offer mini sessions any other time of year?

Actually yes! We offer mini sessions in the Fall and Spring each year as long as we have a free weekend to do so! We have also done mini session weekend fundraisers! If your interested in doing something like this with us we would love to help you! Just send us an email and let’s see what we can do!


What do I need to do now?

Just send me an email and get on our list, or book your spot online!! Mini sessions are $100. We ask that you book at least 3 days in advance, but understand that spots are limited and usually sell out!

We do all of our payments online so no need to remember a check! Some mini’s may require pre-payment see online booking for details.

No refunds for canceled sessions up to 48 hours in advance. We are happy to reschedule for bad weather just contact us if you have any questions.