Allison and Joe decided to tie the knot on the cost of Oregon. This gorgeous wedding day adventure was one for the books. I've known Allison and Joe for a long long time and was honored that they asked me to capture their unique and beautiful wedding day adventure!

After everyone was ready, and gathered for the wedding, we asked Allison how she wanted everyone to arrive at the ceremony location. She said "I just imagined us all walking down together" And, you have to give this girl props for doing so in heals! We all went out, parked our cars at the pull off, and walked out on the cliff that was overlooking the beautiful Oregon cost. No music, no seating, just a white dress, a few witnesses, some adventure and a lot of love.

 Everything about this wedding day was about the love between two people. Nothing else really mattered. Because really...it's not about who walks down the isle, or when. It's a day where two people make a commitment to each-other, before God, to say "You'll be mine and I'll be yours forever." 


Photography: Jessica & William McBroom; Komorebi Photography

Location: Sisters Rock State Park, Oregon

Dress: Hayley Paige Dori, From: Tesori in Fayetteville Arkansas

Groom's Tie: The Tie Bar

Bridesmaids: BHLDN, ASOS,  

Videography: Bret Hoy

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