What I do

The world calls me a photographer but, I would rather say I'm on an adventure to make friends, live a beautiful life, travel and tell your story. I create image art and time capsule worthy photos and albums that tell your beautiful unique stories and life's adventures. I give more than something to share on Facebook but unique, beautiful, tangible pieces to hand down from generation to generation.


My name is Jessica McBroom 

I love people, travel and the beauty in the world around us. I'm a follower of Jesus and loving wife. I have a passion for people and tell their unique stories. Lets talk more over coffee or desert. I can't wait know more about you! Fill out my contact page so we can meet over coffee or hangout on Google.  


What I'm all about...

I want to give you a unique, tangible, beautiful images. An experience of a lifetime and something time capsule worthy and shareable for decades. Facebook will fade and CDs will go out of style. But, what you hold in your hand will be unique, beautiful and last forever.  (Just like that diamond on your left hand)

Giving you cutting edge sharable memories (Pass). As well a classic album you will cherish forever. You deserve the best.

Ask me about the luxury albums I design for your event that are handmade in New Zealand.

I'm a proud Queensberry partner photographer offering their albums to all of my clients.